Coal Seam Gas Review

Independent Review of Coal Seam Gas Activities in New South Wales

In February 2013, NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, Professor Mary O'Kane, was directed by the former Premier Barry O'Farrell to conduct a comprehensive review of CSG-related activities, focussing on the human health and environment impacts.

Professor O'Kane called for public submissions to the review to help inform the development of an initial report to the Premier by July 2013.

"My office has so far received more than 200 submissions from people right across NSW and I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has taken the time to lodge submissions," Professor O'Kane said.

"I will provide my initial report to the State Government mid-year as requested; however, the independent review will continue for many months to come.

"As such, I would encourage affected community and industry groups to come forward and share their views about CSG-related activities as the review continues." she said.

Terms of Reference

Please click here to see the terms of reference for the independent CSG review.

Public Submissions

The Public Submissions to the CSG Review can be viewed here.

Submissions marked as 'confidential' or containing copyright material will be considered by the independent review but not published on this website.

Latest News

Up-to-date information about the independent review of the state's CSG activities can be found here.

Background Papers

A series of technical information papers on specific sets of issues related to the CSG industry and operations was commissioned by the Review. The papers can be accessed here

Initial Report: July 2013

Professor O'Kane's initial report from the independent review of CSG activities in NSW can be viewed in full here.

Reports on specific CSG-related issues

Professor O'Kane published a number of issues-based reports and information papers during her 19-month review of CSG activities in NSW. All reports have been published here or can be downloaded below.

Final Report: September 2014

Professor O'Kane's final report from the independent review of CSG activities in NSW can be viewed in full here.