Water Pilot Technology Program

Grant Application Process

The Water Pilot Technology Program will develop new technologies to assist with water regulation, ensure compliance and better protection of environmental water in the state’s river systems.

Innovative technologies are required to:

  • enhance NSW’s capacity to detect and predict risks of non-compliance with water legislation;
  • better target compliance activities, including surveillance and programs;
  • enhance the accuracy of hydrological models used to assess annual and long-term compliance with diversion limits;
  • be cost-effective and straightforward to operate; and
  • improve the protection of environmental water through unregulated systems.

Funded by the NSW Department of Industry, the Water Pilot Technology Program is part of the Water Reform Action Plan, established to ensure the NSW Government delivers an equitable and transparent approach to the management of our water for current and future generations.

The Water Pilot Technology Program is providing a total grant pool of $500,000, with up to $150,000 awarded to each successful applicant. Note that this is a one-off program and there are not expected to be any future funding rounds.

The successful applicant will deliver a final report on the pilot program and a prototype of the technology to the Department by 30 June 2019.

The Department of Industry’s Water Renewal Taskforce is now accepting grant applications. The Guidelines and Application Form are available below.

Guidelines and Application Form

Water Pilot Technology Program Guidelines

Water Pilot Technology Program Application Form

The deadline for submissions is 9:00am Monday 23 April 2018.

Successful Water Pilot Technology Project applicants will be provided with a formal offer of funding and a draft Funding Deed.

Completed applications should be emailed to water.technology@industry.nsw.gov.au

Prospective applicants may contact the Department to request technical information or ask technical questions relevant to their application. Where appropriate and time permits, the Department will endeavour to respond to these questions or requests. Contacting the Department earlier will allow more time for a response to be prepared.

All questions regarding the application and the selection process may be submitted to:

Mr Carlos Bowkett
NSW Department of Industry
02 9338 6785