ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships

Australian Research Council Australian Laureate Fellowships are the most prestigious scientific awards for excellence in Australia -- attracting and retaining world-class researchers and research leaders of international reputation.


In 2016, two of the 16 approved ARC Laureate Fellowships were awarded to researchers at NSW universities. They received $4,937,213 or 11.2% of the total ~$44 million funding awarded by the Commonwealth. The NSW-based Laureates for 2016 are:

david mcalpine

Professor David McAlpine, Director of Hearing Research at the Australian Hearing Hub, Macquarie University

branka vucetic2

Professor Branka Vucetic, Faculty of Engineering & Information Technologies, The University of Sydney (Georgina Sweet Award)


In 2015, four of the 15 researchers awarded ARC Laureate Fellowships are from NSW universities. They secured $11.4 million or 27% of the total ~$42 million funding awarded by the Commonwealth. This year's NSW-based Laureates are:


Professor Ronald Rapee, Faculty of Human Sciences - Department of Psychology, Macquarie University


Scientia Professor Justin Gooding, School of Chemistry, UNSW Australia


Professor Steven Sherwood, Director of the Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW Australia


Scientia Professor Trevor McDougall, Faculty of Science - School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW Australia


In 2014, six of the 16 awarded Laureates were based at NSW universities, securing 37% of available national funding awarded (over $42 million). They were:

Professor Rose Amal

Professor Rose Amal, School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW Australia

Professor Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn

Professor Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn, Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIFA), The University of Sydney

Professor Ian Paulsen

Professor Ian Paulsen, Biomolecular Frontiers Research Centre, Macquarie University

Professor Peter Robinson

Professor Peter Robinson, Complex Systems Group, School of Physics, The University of Sydney

Professor Veena Sahajwalla

Professor Veena Sahajwalla, Centre for Sustainable Research & Technology, UNSW Australia

Professor Antoine Van Oijen

Professor Antoine Van Oijen, School of Chemistry, The University of Wollongong