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Vital Sign Monitoring Challenge FAQ

Is audio within facilities captured already?

There is no audio captured within cells, only video through cameras in high-risk camera cells. There is no monitoring in standard cells, including vision or sound.

Will there be opportunities to work with Corrective Services NSW, for example, to get access to the cells?

There will be an opportunity to visit a cell during the proof-of-concept phase following progression through the feasibility phase. This will need to be arranged in partnership with Corrective Services NSW due to the specialist nature of the environment.

At what scale will the solution be rolled out? 

Any solution selected is expected to be rolled out across the Corrective Services NSW portfolio, which is approximately 15,000 cells. As such, solutions will be required to be cost efficient.

The roll out will require funding from Treasury. Maintenance, operating and recurrent costs will need to be met within existing budgets or with an approval from Treasury.