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Assessment of the NSW Energy Market

2019/20 Summer Preparedness Report Scope of Review

2019/20 Summer Preparedness Scope of Review

The 2019/20 review of the Assessment of Summer Preparedness for the NSW Energy Market will:

  1. provide an assessment by 30 October 2019, that:
    1. synthesises work undertaken by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and other national bodies in relation to the supply and demand outlook in NSW, including the adequacy of firm generation, transmission and demand response;
    2. considers national measures, ongoing work by AEMO and other market bodies, and current NSW Government actions, to address energy reliability and security risks;
    3. builds on previous NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer assessments of summer preparedness of the NSW energy market and reviews the work completed by the NSW Government in response to the recommendations from those reports;
    4. identifies any emerging risks for the 2019/20 summer and makes recommendations on actions to address any vulnerability identified; and
    5. examines opportunities for enhanced working relationships between AEMO, TransGrid and the NSW Government regarding energy emergencies.
  2. Upon request, provide an update to the assessment and yearly thereafter to 2023, that:
    1. accounts for market developments, ongoing monitoring and work from national bodies, including updates to AEMO's Integrated System Plan (ISP) and Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO);
    2. includes ongoing assessments of summer preparedness for the NSW energy market; and
    3. identifies any emerging risks for NSW and makes recommendations on actions to address any vulnerability identified.

In undertaking this work, an expert Panel as well as staff selected by the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer consulted with, and considered work being undertaken by, the NSW Government and other relevant organisations including TransGrid, AEMO, the Australian Energy Regulator, the Australian Energy Market Commission and the Energy Security Board.