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Asbestos Management

In December 2022, the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer (OCSE) was requested by the previous Minister for Environment, the Hon. James Griffin MP, to provide advice on the management of asbestos in recovered fines, the residue remaining after all recyclable construction waste material has been removed from skip bins and other recovered materials.

The Environment Protection Authority is currently reviewing its approach to the management of asbestos in the context of resource recovery to support a circular economy and to explore options for greater consistency between jurisdictions.

The NSW Asbestos Contamination Committee (NACC) considers there needs to be an improved evidence base on the risk tolerance, health and environmental impacts, technologies and cost-effective methods to inform any future improvements to safe and effective management of asbestos in recovered fines and in relation to other recovered materials and waste intended to be beneficially reused.

The scope of the advice can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Discussion Paper

OCSE has released a Discussion Paper to present preliminary research and to seek information from stakeholders to inform the final Review.

The Discussion Paper can be accessed via the right-hand menu or via this webpage link.


The OCSE will deliver a report to the current Minister for Environment, the Hon. Penny Sharpe MLC, and the NACC setting out its advice and recommendations on the questions within the Terms of Reference. Preliminary work is underway and formal work on the project will commence in August 2023.


The report team can be contacted at asbestosreview@chiefscientist.nsw.gov.au.