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National Science Week in NSW

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology.

Running each year in August, it features more than 1000 events around Australia, including those delivered by universities, schools, research institutions, libraries, museums and science centres. Due to COVID-19, National Science Week in 2020 has moved to a predominantly online format. To find events on offer, visit the National Science Week website.

National Science Week is run by the Commonwealth Government's Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, through its Inspiring Australia initiative.

The Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer (OCSE) funds the appointment of the Inspiring Australia NSW Manager. The Inspiring Australia NSW Committee, which included the NSW Manager, offers funding to NSW stakeholders to deliver high-profile community events during National Science Week.

These NSW Science Engagement grants are typically offered in March/April and have enabled NSW to grow its statewide National Science Week offering.

The Inspiring Australia NSW Committee and Manager also oversee the deliver of entertaining science outreach events at other times of the year. Many of these are run by NSW Regional Science Hubs. The funding round for such programs is typically offered in October/November.