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Bottled Water Initial Report Released

The NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer’s Initial Report on the Independent Review of the Impacts of the Bottled Water Industry on Groundwater Resources in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW has been released. The initial report can be found here.

After receiving the request to undertake the Independent Review in November 2018, a team from the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer, which also includes independent experts in hydrology and statistical analysis, conducted two visits to the region.

These visits centred on both the Tweed and Alstonville Plateau areas, and involved meetings with stakeholders, including local community groups, local government, primary producers and bottled water companies.

The initial report presents the stakeholder opinions and concerns expressed through the consultation sessions and site visits. The initial report contains information and data collected to date on the hydrogeology of the Northern Rivers region and outlines the legislative framework governing water take.

The full report is scheduled for release mid-2019.


Bruce Ritchie | Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer | 0429 412 426