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New Report Positions NSW to Solve Critical Industry Problems with Quantum Computing


Quantum computing could be critical in solving some of our biggest challenges in healthcare, security and climate, according to new research released by the NSW Government.

The Quantum Algorithms and Applications study puts a spotlight on how the state’s extensive expertise in quantum algorithms and software puts us in prime position to develop the hardware needed to make sure we can meet the key challenges of our future head on.

The report examines the science and ecosystem conditions necessary for quantum technology to span across industries, from helping to develop new techniques for building more efficient batteries, to innovating the creation of safer and more sustainable materials, to discovering new methods for the manufacture of life-saving pharmaceuticals.

The report is the first time that the full capabilities of the NSW quantum sector have been mapped out to give government and the private sector a picture of the huge opportunities in the sector.

The study was commissioned by the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer (OCSE) and co-authored by two NSW-based experts at the University of Technology Sydney with decades of experience and practical knowledge in the field, Professor Michael Bremner and Associate Professor Simon Devitt.

By 2040 this industry could be worth $4.6B to Australia – with much of it concentrated in Sydney due to its competitive edge.

The report builds on the release of data showing Sydney was recently ranked as one of the world’s top five quantum computing hubs alongside cities in the US, UK, Canada and China.

The Quantum Algorithms and Applications study is available on the OCSE website.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Innovation, Science and Technology Anoulack Chanthivong:

“NSW has been an early and strong supporter of quantum technology and our capabilities are globally recognised.

“This study provides important direction on the next steps required to help NSW supercharge this advantage to bring functional quantum computers to market, by further developing our strength in quantum hardware.

“By providing information on our capacity to develop quantum algorithms and software, and the types of use cases they can be applied to, the study provides a roadmap on the next steps required to realise the real-world applications of this game-changing technology.”


Marnie Procter | Minister Chanthivong | 0409 398 878