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Research Attraction and Acceleration Program

In 2019/20, the NSW Government allocated $16.2 million in funding to support innovation and investment in the state's research and development capacity through the Research Attraction and Acceleration Program (RAAP).

A strong R&D capability is a critical driver for the state's economy. Investment in R&D has long-term benefits which include higher standards of living, economic prosperity, improved social and physical infrastructure and the generation of further knowledge, discoveries and services.

RAAP funding is primarily allocated through competitive grants rounds using a rigorous selection process and used to leverage funds from national and international bodies.

By enabling a targeted investment and stronger partner links, the RAAP aims to give NSW a greater role in the future of key national research and research infrastructure, and to drive job creation in the state.

Facilities, programs and events supported by the RAAP are detailed in the menus below and include: