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STEM Student Competition Sponsorship Program

In 2021, the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer (OCSE) will again offers grant to teams of university students attending science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) research competitions.

Grants are awarded following a competitive assessment process. The assessment panel includes staff from the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer as well as an independent from the broader NSW public sector.

Round 6 of the STEM Student Competition Sponsorship Program is now closed. If you are interested in joining the mailing list for future funding announcements and opportunities, please contact Centine Wilbello, below.


STEM Student Competition Sponsorship Program Guidelines

Tips for applicants

  • The application form should not exceed the specified word limit
  • Focus on why the conference is important, and how it would benefit New South Wales
  • Include an accurate budget with appropriate detail
  • highlight why sponsorship is needed, and how grant monies would be spent


For further information about the program or to register for updates, please contact:

Kristen Mulligan

2019 Program Highlights

Successful 2019 applicants

In June 2019, The University of Sydney's USYD Rocketry Team sent 10 students to compete in the third Spaceport America Cup, held near Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The team entered the 10,000-foot (3048-metre) Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Motor category, competing against over 50 other teams.

Teams assemble at event

Sponsorship from the 2019 SESCSP went towards critical components for Silvereye, the team's rocket.

Silvereye rocket being displayed

Silvereye achieved a successful flight. All systems operated nominally as designed, with the rocket reaching an altitude of 10,027 feet, less than 30 feet (nine metres) from the target altitude, and only 12 feet (3.7 metres) away from the design prediction of 10,039 feet from simulation beforehand.

Rocket being launched

Subsequently, the rocket was successfully recovered using the onboard tracking telemetry system.

USYD Rocketry Team

The USYD Rocketry Team placed first in the 10,000 feet COTS category, receiving the highest score not only in the 2019 competition, but in the history of the Spaceport America Cup. The team demonstrated the excellence and ingenuity of Australian student engineers in Australia’s first venture in this international arena.