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Bushfire Technology Pilots Program

Bushfire Technology Pilots Program Round 1 Recipients

Five innovative ideas are being funded under Round 1 of the Bushfire Technology Pilots Program. The technologies provide power to remote sites, real-time monitoring of fire conditions and data sharing, and are all field ready. The companies are working with NSW Government partners to pilot their technologies and improve the way the state prepares for future bushfires.

Decon Technologies - Smart Power Cell

Decon Technologies' Smart Power Cell is standalone backup power system that provides constant (remote monitored and controlled) power for sites where supply is damaged by bushfires or where permanent power supply is yet to be established, with minimal footprint required. The Smart Power Cell operates independently of a larger power grid network, integrating solar, wind and traditional generators with a unique battery storage solution that can provide operational run time via its backup power supply for up to 24 weeks, dependent on the site loads.

This sustainable, green energy solution significantly reduces carbon emissions. In addition, the Smart Power Cell reduces mobilisations and deployment costs in the event of a natural disaster, which in turn reduces the risk to personnel responding to power-related emergencies.

NSW Government partners: Fire & Rescue, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Diffuse Energy - Hyland Wind Turbine

Diffuse Energy have developed a powerful small wind turbine called the Hyland Wind Turbine which is designed for remote, off-grid locations that need power with minimal footprint. The Hyland Wind Turbine is specifically designed to easily integrate with 24 and 48V DC systems and has self-monitoring capabilities for protection in severe weather. Having an alternate power source, especially during bushfires, increases the resilience of power systems to maintain communications both for the community and for response teams.

NSW Government partners: Forestry Corp, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Meshed Pty Ltd - Fire Hazard & Environmental Monitoring Kit

The Fire Hazard & Environmental Monitoring Kit is an 'out of the box' portable Internet of Things sensor and telemetry reporting and alerting system based on the global communications standard - LoRaWAN (bi-directional radio frequency technology). The Kit monitors and evaluates a range of relevant condition parameters including weather, wind speed, rain gauge, soil moisture, fuel moisture and normalised difference vegetation index (NVDI) readings, to asset potential flammability conditions. The real-time data reports to a visualisation dashboard to enable users to assess more accurately the weather and ground conditions that are critical for prescribed burn planning, fire hazard rating and bushfire behaviour prediction.

NSW Government partners: Department of Planning and Environment, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Oneblink Pty Ltd - Good-To-Go

Good-To-Go is a real-time asset visibility tool ensuring frontline agencies have all necessary equipment before heading out in the field. The technology uses RFID tags on equipment that can be easily scanned with a handheld reader and compared instantly by the Good-To-Go app to a manifest to show what's present, what's missing and log actions to remediate.

NSW Government partners: Fire & Rescue, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Unleash Live - Live Stream AI Analysis

Unleash Live is an AI video analytics platform. With zero-latency live streaming capability, it is able to fast track operations and bring in remote experts to monitor the situation. Additionally, with the application of AI analysis in real time and the ability to combine multiple data points from video and photo imagery, and geo-reference information onto maps, Unleash Live provides an instant overview of the on-the-ground situation to improve decision making. Unleash Live is able to map the extent of the fire before, during and after the incident to observe fire behaviour, predict its direction and assess damage faster.

NSW Government partners: Fire & Rescue, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service