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Bushfire Response R&D Mission

Bushfire Commercialisation Fund

The NSW Government established the Bushfire Commercialisation Fund (BCF) under the NSW Bushfire Response R&D Mission to accelerate the development, commercialisation and adoption of bushfire technologies and services in NSW.

The objective of the BCF is to enable businesses to:

  • progress bushfire technology along the commercialisation pathway, or
  • adapt existing technology for use in bushfire management or operations

The BCF targets innovative devices/systems within Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 3 – 7 to help them move along the TRL scale and enable them to attract large-scale private investment.

The BCF will provide funding support through a competitive process to individuals, companies, research institutes and universities to take local innovations to market.

Bushfire Commercialisation Fund Recipients

The first round provided funding to 5 companies to support the commercialisation of their technology. Further details can be found here.


If you have questions regarding the BCF, contact us  at bushfiremission@chiefscientist.nsw.gov.au

NSW Deep Tech Commercialisation Training Program – Foundations

For access to a free online training program designed to provide researchers and early-stage companies with key elements of building a successful deep tech business, please sign up here. The program is part of the NSW Deep Tech Commercialisation Training Program (DTCTP) and was designed by Cicada Innovations.