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Bushfire Response R&D Mission

The NSW Bushfire Response R&D Mission (BRM) is the first NSW R&D mission recommended by the Turning ideas into jobs: Accelerating research & development in NSW Action Plan.

The Action Plan recommends that the BRM should focus on improving planning, preparations for and responses to bushfires – aligning with recommendation five of the recent NSW Bushfire Inquiry.

The BRM has four programs which support research and development, and promote new and emerging industries and technology to better prepare the state for future bushfires:

  1. The Bushfire Commercialisation Fund (BCF) supporting early-stage companies accelerate their products and services  related to bushfire technologies. Modelled on the successful Medical Devices Fund (MDF) and Physical Sciences Fund (PSF), the BCF helps companies develop and scale their products and services to attract investment by private capital.
  2. The Bushfire Technology Pilots Program (BTPP) enables companies to field-test and pilot their products and services with frontline NSW bushfire services. Building awareness of the innovation possibilities for NSW bushfire services, and providing opportunities for companies to build on.
  3. The Bushfire & Natural Hazards Technology Network (the ‘Bushfire Network’) to actively connect companies, researchers, and end-users to foster the commercial development and adoption of technologies and services in NSW to better prepare for future bushfires and natural hazards, protect first responders and communities, and provide economic benefit to NSW.
  4. The Bushfire STEM in Schools Program recognising the importance of STEM focused, child-centred bushfire education programs to improve student learning outcomes, increase understanding of Indigenous ecological knowledge in bushfire management, and build resilience in communities.