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School Zones Alerting System Challenge FAQ

Are in-service support contracts and installation considered part of the scope?

The initial challenge is for a solution, but applicants providing the solution may also be considered for installation and maintenance contracts. Installation and maintenance are currently undertaken by an external contract, who often use subcontractors, so the potential is there.

Do you have a list of priorities for extra capabilities, such as data on pedestrians and vehicles?

The main priority is addressing the main challenge points outlined in the challenge document, such as the provision of an edge controller and standardising the sign types. Any data capture elements such as camera capture of pedestrians and vehicles would be useful, but applicants should be mindful of power limitations (for example, solar in some locations) that can make it difficult to add too many additional parts to the system.

Do the solutions have to be solar powered or mains powered? 

Solutions will need to be a mix of both, as some zones operate up to eight hours a day.

Do solutions have to use the current 4G modem? Can you provide information on the model and specifications to ensure compatibility?

Yes, the solution will need to be 4G or 5G capable to comply with the current modem assets. Modems will be provided for the upgrade as well. Specifications of the current device and protocol requirements can be found at the following locations: