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Urban Heat Island Challenge FAQ

Will successful applicants have the opportunity to work with Western Sydney Area Health during the feasibility phase? 

Successful applicants will be provided with all reasonable support, including making introductions with other relevant stakeholders to promote place-specific engagement during the feasibility phase.

Will 3D models and vector drawings of WHID master plan be available?

The most relevant level of detail currently available can be found in the Westmead Place Strategy.

Can I get access to the digital drawing files that formed the placemaking document?

The Greater Cities Commission (GCC) does not have access to these graphic files. Successful applicants will be provided with all reasonable support, including making introductions with other relevant stakeholders during feasibility phase studies where access to more detailed information is requested.

As mentioned in the presentation, there is only 7 % recycled water in Sydney. What opportunities are there to do innovation in recycled water?

Westmead and Parramatta are well-located to take advantage of macro-opportunities for water reuse. Water reuse is often influenced by incentives, pricing and technology and Sydney Water is broadly looking at opportunities to decentralize large coastal wastewater systems.

Is there any data available relating to mortality and morbidity rates in Western Sydney?

Several studies are publicly available. As an example, the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) has undertaken heat benchmarking studies in Parramatta and Cumberland. The reports are available on the WSROC website.

Additional data on urban heat in Greater Sydney from the Pulse of Greater Sydney 2020 report can be found on the GCC website.

What other sources of heat island and temperature data are available for this area?

Several sources are publicly available. For example, North Parramatta Air Monitoring Station provides a data download facility for temperature, key air pollutant and meteorological variables. The data are available on the DPE website. Urban Heat Effect data for the Sydney Greater Metropolitan area can be found from the Central Resource for Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data in NSW.  A benchmark study for urban heat in Cumberland and Parramatta local government area can be found on the Western Sydney University website.

Where is the Westmead Innovation District for the purposes of the challenge?

The solution should be deployed at suitable parts of the Westmead Health and Innovation District (WHID). The WHID comprises of a network of precincts and corridors that support the growing locally based but globally connected innovation ecosystem. This map indicates the general geographic location of these diverse networks and precincts.