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Coal Seam Gas

Background Papers

A series of technical information papers on specific sets of issues related to the CSG industry and operations was commissioned by the Review. The papers form a key component of the Review as both an information source and assisting in developing reports and informing compliance activities.

Given concerns expressed by many in the community about the need for independent scientifically-based information, the Review placed a great deal of emphasis on engaging experts to write the background papers who were independent and had minimal or no actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest.

A challenge, and strength, of science and research is that experts bring their own perspective to issues based on their speciality and research background, meaning that there is the possibility for disagreement on issues, or at least different perspectives and priorities. To address and also take advantage of this factor, the approach of the Review has been, where possible, to obtain multiple pieces of advice and information papers on a given topic.

Due to the relatively new nature of CSG in Australia, in some areas of examination it has proved challenging to find multiple experts without conflict. In such cases, the Review, where appropriate, will seek peer comment on individual papers from experts in cognate disciplines.

It is intended that this process will continue throughout the Review and more background papers will be commissioned as further issues and concerns come to light.


Hydraulic Fracturing for Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Stimulation in New South Wales

** Please Note: This paper was commissioned by OCSE prior to the commencement of the Review but has been considered as part of the Review process.
Rob JeffreyView
Approaches to baseline studies of human health in relation to industries with potential environmental impactPavla Vaneckova & Hilary Bambrick View
Community ConcernsDr Melanie Taylor, Ms Natalie Sandy & Professor Beverly Raphael
Disaster Response and Resilience Research Group, School of Medicine, University of Western Sydney
DataIntersect AustraliaView
Groundwater ResourcesDJ Anderson, PF Rahman, EK Davey, BM Miller & WC Glamore
Water Reserach Laboratory, University of New South Wales
Horizontal DrillingProfessor John Carter
Advanced Geomechanics
Insurance and Environmental SecuritiesHicksons LawyersView
Insurance and Environmental Securities - environmental risks arising from CSG operationsPiper Alderman 


Insurance and Environmental SecuritiesPiper AldermanView
Insurance and Environmental Securities -  risk model evaluation Hicksons LawyersView
Methane origins and behaviourDr Linda Stalker
Science Director - National Geosequestration Laboratory
Modelling the Airborne Dispersion of Pollutants from Coal Seam Gas ExtractionPeter J. Rayner and Steven UtembeView
Multi basin usage/cumulative impactsAssociate Professor Tim Rawling & Professor Mike Sandiford
Melbourne Energy Institute, University of Melbourne
NSW GeologyProfessor Colin Ward & Associate Professor Bryce Kelly
School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of New South Wales
NSW GeologyDr Craig O'Neill & Dr Cara Danis
Department of Earth and Planetary Science
Macquarie University
Produced WaterAssociate Professor Damian Gore & Dr Peter Davies
Department of Environment & Geography
Macquarie University
Produced Water and SolidsStuart Khan & Geena Kordek
School of Civil Environmental Engineering
University of New South Wales
Seismicity and induced earthquakesGary Gibson & Professor Mike Sandiford
Melbourne Energy Institute, University of Melbourne
Seismicity and induced earthquakesDr Barry DrummondView
Subsidence CausesDr Jubert A. Pineda & Professor Daichao Sheng
ARC Centre of Excellence for Geotechnical Science and Engineering, The University of Newcastle
Subsidence MonitoringDr Simon McClusky & Dr Paul Tregoning
Research School of Earth Sciences
The Australian National University
Subsidence MonitoringCooperative Research Centre for Spatial InformationView
Technologies and Potential ImpactsProfessor Peter J Cook CBE, FTSEView
Water Treatment and Coal Seam GasFell Consulting Pty LtdView
Water Treatment and Sydney CatchmentFell Consulting Pty LtdView

Disclaimer: Recognising that information in these documents is provided by third parties, the State of New South Wales, the author and the publisher take no responsibility for the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of any information included in the document provided by third parties. These third party comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer and her Office.