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NSW Power to X Industry Study

NSW Power to X Industry Pre-Feasibility Study: A Roadmap for a P2X economy in NSW

Power to X (P2X) is an umbrella term for processes and technologies that convert renewable energy and sustainable materials into power fuels and clean chemicals.

P2X products include green hydrogen, ammonia and synthetic hydrocarbons such as methane, methanol and aviation fuels. P2X industries have significant potential to deliver economic benefits to NSW while decarbonising high emitting and hard-to-abate industries. These opportunities have been highlighted in the NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Study 2020 and the NSW: A Clean Energy Superpower Industry Opportunities Report for the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap.

Recognising the potential and strong interests of stakeholders, the Office of NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer (OCSE) commissioned UNSW Sydney to conduct a NSW P2X Pre-Feasibility Study investigating the state’s opportunities and capabilities in establishing P2X industries. The study’s objective is to assess the technological pathways of different P2X industries and identify prospective locations for large-scale P2X production in NSW.

The study synthesised a broad range of data, research and industry information to provide a systemic view of P2X development pathways. The study adopted qualitative and quantitative approaches to identify, analyse and assess prospective locations for large P2X production. This was supported by detailed energy, feedstock and finance modellings and extensive stakeholder consultation.


NSW Power to X Industry Pre-feasibility Study: A Roadmap for a P2X economy in NSW


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